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Our Values 

Our objective is to build significant and meaningful collections that are individualized toward our clients' specific goals. The duality of a gallery and advisory differentiates us from entities that act singularly as one or the other. Too often, a gallery/dealer system only presents the clients with the artists they represent or works they have on-hand. This often works counter to the buyer’s best interests, as the dealer cannot objectively offer the client examples outside the gallery’s confines. Conversely, advisory services lack exhibition programs and collections in which their firm holds individual stake. In this way, they often act as brokers, as there is a lack in transparency between what they recommend and what they [would] personally have vested interests in. With our privileged position holding a preeminent private collection and simultaneously acting as an advisory, we offer the client an opinion that is backed up by our own personal holdings for all to view. Simply put, proof is in the progress and that cannot be accurately communicated without transparency in the process.

Little Gamer by Jordan Casteel 

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