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Current Exhibition

Lot 13, George Condo, Blue Monumental Head.jpg
Lift Off.png

The current exhibition features innovative works by today’s emerging talent and quintessential examples by modern and contemporary Masters. Included are George Condo's "Drawing Paintings," such as Bue Monumental Head (2018), considered by many as the holy grail of his prolific output. Furthermore, Condo's massive heads from the 2010s epitomize the artist's trademark “Psychological Cubism." Another exemplary work from the collection is Jackson Pollock’s Untitled (1944), which art historian Bernice Rose recognizes as “the essential invention of his visual field.”

Perhaps three of the paintings we are proudest to exhibit are Jadé Fadojutimi's The Barefooted Scurry Home (2017), Jordan Casteel's Mom (2013) and Cinga Samon's Lift Off (2017). All three works are currently marked as the highest-graded individual example from each artist on public ledger. 

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